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About REX-BAC-T®

Since 1983, REX-BAC-T® Technologies has been providing state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, bioremediation products and systems for global industry, institutional, industrial, commercial, and municipal customers. We specialize in the design, formulation and application of a comprehensive line of biological products including powders, liquids and solids utilizing 100% natural and environmentally safe biotechnology innovations to accelerate the complete digestion of complex organics.

Each biological solution starts with the basic understanding that the digestion process by all microbes and fungi require a food source for the waste digestion, bioaugmentation, or bioremediation process to thrive. Selection of the bacterium species targeted to flourish in the environmental conditions made available is the underlying key to a successful process.

Proprietary high tech fermenting processes coupled with the biological sciences in microbiology, mycology, and enzymology allows us to deliver consistent, high-quality products tailored to perform in “real world” environmental conditions. Our extensive worldwide application experiences range from simple septic tank waste digestion and wastewater treatment to more intensive solutions for commercial grease traps, complex issues in rendering animal by-products, and even long chain hydrocarbons. Our focus and commitment is to provide the best available products and solutions to ensure complete satisfaction to our customers.