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Activated Carbon Refill (5 Pounds) | 6” Poly-Air Sewer Vent Filter and Lift Station Odor Vent Filter (Refill)

The 6" Poly-Air™ odor control activated carbon refill comes in a mesh bag filled with 5 LBS of activated carbon. The activated carbon refill is designed for use in the 6" Poly-Air Carbon Vent Stack Odor Control Filter for plumbing roof vent stacks connected to septic or sewer. The 6" Poly-Air odor control vent filter is also widely used in municipal wastewater applications including lift stations and sewer mains.

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The activated carbon removes odors caused from sewer, septic system or grease trap gases that vent from a residential home or commercial business. As the gases and odors come out of the roof vent stack or vent pipe, this activated carbon eliminates these unpleasant odors.

If you do not currently have the 6" Poly-Air Odor Control Vent Filter then you will need to order the complete vent stack filter unit. The Poly-Air vent stack filter ships complete with 5 pounds of carbon.

For more information on the Standard 1 Pound - 4” Poly-Air Odor Control Vent Stack Filter, see information below or view product information page for full details:

3" or 4" Odor Control Vent Stack Filter Information:

The 1 pound 3" or 4" Poly-Air odor control filtration system is made with Activated Carbon and is made to fit your existing stack pipe. The standard 1 pound odor control vent cover will fit 4” and 3” vents. The 1 pound Poly-Air odor filter will also fit 2” and 1.5” vents when used with the optional vent reducer.

The Poly-Air sewer filter is an excellent inexpensive solution to eliminate waste odors that escape through household or commercial vent pipes. Never experience unpleasant odors from your house, commercial, or portable toilet vents again.

6" Poly-Air™ Odor Control Filter - Features:

  • Simple installation
  • Low cost
  • Can be used in restaurants, residences, portable toilets, lift stations. WWT plants, grease traps, etc.
  • Fits existing 6" pipes and can be adapted to 4" with optional adapter
  • No more offensive odors
  • Each 6" sewer gas filter contains 5 pounds of activated carbon