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Compost Accelerator | FMD-150 Compost Activator

Recycle organic waste into nutrient rich compost with our FMD-150 compost activator. This Environmentally Safe product is a special blend containing selected strains of fungi, bacteria and microbial nutrients for fast composting of organic matter. Designed to greatly enhance composting of all yard waste, field residue, including grass clippings, leaves, vines and weed cuttings, harvested aquatic weeds, animal bedding materials, manure, food processing wastes, sawdust, wood chips and all other organic yard wastes.

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Our superior formula contains special strains of fungi and bacteria (both aerobic and anaerobic types) chosen for their ability to break down yard wastes quickly and efficiently. These microorganisms have the ability to effectively digest yard waste that is high in cellulose and lignin. They reproduce and thrive in the high temperatures and oxygen-deficient environment found in large compost piles.

Using REX-BAC-T FMD-150, along with proper management, will greatly accelerate the composting process. Yard waste will be transformed into a beneficial humus within 6 to 12 weeks (in warm summer weather) rather than the months required for untreated matter. This biological activator creates a nutrient-rich, soil-improving humus that is excellent for compost gardens, municipal plantings and agricultural use. Makes municipal composting more economical and saves space as well.


  • Compost Piles
  • Grass Clippings, Leaves and Weeds
  • Field Residue (Increasing Nitrogen Levels in Soil)
  • Manure
  • Sawdust and Wood Chips
  • Organic Wastes


  • Transforms yard waste into useful humus within 6-12 weeks during warm weather.
  • Increases nitrogen levels in soil.
  • Eliminates noxious odors and destroys weed seeds.
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