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Compost Activator | FMD-150 HC Compost Accelerator

Loose Powder Formulation Available in 25, 50, and 100 pound containers. Our FMD-150HC product is a special blend containing selected strains of fungi, bacteria and microbial nutrients for fast composting of organic matter. Compost and field residue products contain cultures that increase the rate of deterioration of organic waste. This is typically a slow process that requires some personal or mechanical attention agitating the compost in order to effectively decompose. In addition, composting is met head on by varying yet increasingly strict government regulations.

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FMD-150HC has been formulated using synergistic facultative anaerobes and fungi to increase this process, alleviate the personal attention and meet the regulatory requirements. After applying FMD-150HC, the waste matter, lignin and other solids - will be degrading rapidly. Most often with composting, the issue of odor control arises. FMD-150HC provides a solution to the odor problems by breaking down the source of the odors and, as a result of composting, it converts them into odorless humus. This process is proven highly effective in reducing and stabilizing the odors present in compost piles.

Designed to greatly enhance composting of all waste, field residue, including grass clippings, leaves, vines and weed cuttings, harvested aquatic weeds, animal bedding materials, manure, food processing wastes, sawdust, wood chips and all other organic yard wastes.

This formula contains special strains of fungi and bacteria (both aerobic and anaerobic types chosen for their ability to break down yard wastes quickly and efficiently. These micro-organisms have the ability to effectively digest waste that is high in cellulose and lignin. They reproduce and thrive in the high temperatures and oxygen-deficient environment found in large compost piles. Using REX-BAC-T FMD-150HC, along with proper management, will greatly accelerate the composting process.

Yard waste will be transformed into beneficial humus within 6 to 12
weeks (in warm summer weather) rather than the months required for untreated matter. This biological activator creates a nutrient-rich soil improving humus that is excellent for home gardens, municipal planting and agricultural use. Makes municipal composting more economical and saves space as well.

Applications and Uses:

  • Sludge Composting
  • Field Residue Reduction
  • Farming
  • Pile Composting
  • Sheet Mulching

Effective Against:

  • Field Residue
  • Composting
  • Raw Materials
  • Municipal Compost
  • Pile Compost

Technical Specs


  • Eliminates malodors at their source
  • Increases settling
  • Cost effective and easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains facultative anaerobes
  • Composting time is greatly enhanced