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Liquid Bacteria Dosing Pump | Enzyme Dosing Pump - Pail Mount Programmable Dosing Pump (PMP-PAIL)

Using flexible programming capability, our Bio-Pump pail pump accurately doses Grease Trap Systems at the appropriate times. An easily programmed timer turns the pump on and off as required providing worry free application.

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Bio-Pumps run on eight “D” cell alkaline batteries. No electrical outlet is required at the treatment site, which adds safety in wet areas. This is particularly critical in some drain areas, where local fire and safety codes may forbid outlets. This feature also makes installation easier, since location of the system doesn't depend on outlet availability.

Another advantage of battery power is that it ensures dosing at the proper time, even during or after power outages. This can be critical to the effectiveness of treatments which require regular dosing at specified intervals. Batteries in our Bio-Pump pump system will power Hydro's patented pump for up to 40 running hours, providing months of service. The Hydro pump is designed specifically to extend battery life, reducing the frequency of battery replacement. These design advancements also increase tube and motor life. Because the pump sits on top of the treatment product container, it's ideal where space is limited. These pumps add only 5 1/2 inches to a pail's height.

Maximum Flexibility for Customized Dosing

Our Bio-Pump offer great flexibility, making them the system of choice in many applications. Here's what the pump offers in terms of customization of dispensing:

  • Choice of days, time (AM/PM) and dose duration (one minute increments)
  • Up to 8 dosing periods per 24 hours, capability to dose every day, or just on specific days
  • Easy placement (due to size and battery power)

But maybe the most important benefit gained by using our pump is that it doesn't forget to add a dose! This can greatly enhance the performance of the treatment product and keep your system operating smoothly.