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Septic Tank Effluent Filter | Polylok PL-68 Effluent Filter

PL-68 is much more than just an effluent filter. The housing can also be used as an inlet baffle (tee) or an outlet baffle. The housing is designed to accept Polylok’s snap in gas deflector to deflect gas bubbles away from the tee and to keep the solids in the tank.

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PL-68 Installation:
Ideal for residential waste flows up to 800 gallons per day (GPD). Easily installs in any new or existing 4" outlet tee.

  1. Locate the outlet of the septic tank.
  2. Remove the tank cover and pump tank if necessary.
  3. Glue the filter housing to the outlet pipe, or use a Polylok Extend & Lok if not enough pipe exists.
  4. Insert the PL-68 filter into tee.
  5. Replace and secure the septic tank cover.

PL-68 Maintenance:
The PL-68 Effluent Filter will operate efficiently for several years under normal conditions before requiring cleaning. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned every time the tank is pumped, or at least every three years.

  1. Do not use plumbing when filter is removed.
  2. Pull PL-68 out of the tee.
  3. Hose off filter over the septic tank. Make sure all solids fall back into septic tank.
  4. Insert filter back into tee/housing.
  • Offers 68 linear feet of 1/16” filter slots, which significantly extends time between cleaning.
  • Accepts 3/4” PVC handle.
  • Locks in any 360° position when used with PL-68 Tee.
  • PL-68 Housing can be used as an inlet or outlet tee.
  • Gasket prevents bypass.