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Septic Tank Effluent Filter | Sim/Tech STF-110 (Effluent Filter)

Our septic tank effluent filter is flexible enough for just about any application. This filter will work for a 4", 6", or 8" Sanitary Baffle Tee (7" effluent filters are available for square concrete baffles). This flexibility extends to the service of the filter as well. As mentioned above, the tank does not need to be pumped down for servicing. The filter can be washed out and reused or you can choose to simply pull out and replace the filter with a new one (Plastic bags are supplied with the filter for disposal).

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STF-110 Septic Tank Effluent Filter Design

The effluent filter is composed of non directional polypropylene bristles that are would together with a stainless steel core. The contoured shape of the effluent filter creates a debris separation space that naturally sorts debris according to size and mass. This space also ensures even filter usage for a long lifespan.

Typical Service Intervals

Service intervals will vary depending upon many factors such as water usage, soap usage, garbage disposals, etc. The filter should be serviced at least every three years. For maximum protection it should be replaced about every 50,000 gallons of wastewater effluent. For average residential applications this correlates to about 1 year of service. Because the water usage and configurations of systems vary quite a bit from area to area and even in the same area depending upon when a system was installed, it is recommended that the filter be inspected annually.

Commercial Applications

Septic tank effluent filters come in various sizes rated at different maximum flow rates. Large filters can be used for high volume commercial applications and/or filters can be manifold together to meet the appropriate flow rate.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy installation just about anywhere, even square baffles
  • Easy and economical to maintain, even in hard to reach places
  • Tank pumping is not required when using a maintenance sleeve
  • Excellent filtration for solids including; toilet paper, hair, lint, etc...
  • Bristles self lock into place to prevent filter float up
  • Longer filter life because debris is sorted by size
  • Allows biological maturing necessary in wastewater treatment systems
  • Durable enough to be washed out, economical enough to be disposable
  • Recommend for use with our AeroClearTM Aeration System
  • For use in residential, commercial and other applications