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Home Inspector Septic Paks


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“I featured Home Inspector Septic Paks at the NACHI Home Show booth and sold every one, putting an extra $1000 in my pocket.” - Chuck Tolbert, All-Star Home Inspections

Home Inspector Septic Paks, branded with your company name, logo and contact information, offer a 200% return on investment and continue to provide annual income for your business. Suggested retail for your Home Inspector Septic Paks, manufactured by REX-BAC-T® Technologies, is $77 (much less than the National Brands), generating $50 or more in profit per inspection. Designed specifically for Home Inspectors, it easily fits into your schedule. When inspecting a house with a septic system, you can offer a product that brings peace of mind to the homeowner, while producing additional profit and a recurring revenue stream for you. Annual Reorders help you maintain regular contact, bringing your name to mind when your services are needed!

REX-BAC-T® Technologies provides order forms and marketing materials you can download and easily customize to your business. Professionally designed, high resolution brochures and convenient, private label packaging brands the product with your company’s information. Your Home Inspector Septic Paks arrive prepackaged and pre-labeled with 13 pre-measured water-soluble packets. (FREE Shipping to you!)

It is a highly effective, eco-friendly product for a simple and affordable way to restore the natural biological process, boost the existing biological activity, keep the septic system free flowing, minimize sludge and scum, prevent costly repairs and reduce or potentially eliminate additional pump-out issues. It meets all NACHI Code of Ethics criteria and is PROVEN to work!

  • Packaging Customized with Your Information
  • Designed for Home Inspectors, Easily Fits Schedule
  • Eco-Friendly, Highly-Effective Proven Product
  • Volume Discounts
  • FREE Shipping!

Start earning more money right away! Order your Home Inspector Septic Paks TODAY!

“As a fellow home inspector and chemist, I can absolutely recommend this proven product.” - Earl Beahm, President, Independent Inspectors, Inc.

Check out this video on NACHI.TV about this product and how you can use it in your business!!

Make sure you email your company logo to [email protected] after you place your order so that it can be printed on your Paks!

Return Policy: Returns will not be accepted on this product.