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Wastewater Effluent Filters

This superior line is designed to prevent solids discharge from septic tanks, grease traps, or wastewater treatment processes. Solids that accumulate need to be removed periodically. These products and accessories provide an inexpensive method for installing and collecting solids that may otherwise be discharged from the holding tank or wastewater system.

These Effluent filters are used to improve the operation of septic tanks, grease traps, or wastewater treatment processes. By using the Wastewater Effluent Filtration system from REX-BAC-T®Technologies will limit the amount of discharge of solids and improve the overall performance of the treatment process.

Whatever the application, we have a product that will meet your on-site wastewater filtration needs.

Typical Filter Installation

Single or multiple effluent filters can be installed in series:

Septic Tank With Two Places

Increase your filtration area by snapping filters together

Septic Tank Example

1 Filter = 1500 GPD
2 Filters = 3000 GPD
3 Filters = 4500 GPD