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Harnessing the power of nature!

Eco-Friendly Biological Solutions for a Wide Range of Markets and Industries

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Slider Grease Traps
Septic Systems, Grease Traps, and Drain Lines

Our superior blend of products are specifically formulated for multiple applications including septic tanks, cesspools, leach fields, grease traps, drywells and pit toilet applications.

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Septic Grease Treatment
Root Control Slider
Pipeline Root Control

RootX Foaming Root Killer Keeps Pipes Flowing! Saves time and money. Eliminate tree root intrusion in sewer drain pipes, septic systems, leach fields, drain lines and storm drains.

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RootX Foaming root control Root Control
wastewater treatment Slider
Wastewater Treatment

High performance products and technologies for commercial, industrial, and municipal wastewater treatment systems.

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Odor Control
Liquid and Gas Phase Carbon Filtration

Eliminate point source odors throughout wastewater systems, lift stations, wet wells, sewer vent pipes, septic tank and grease trap systems.

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effluent filtration slider
Effluent Filtration

This superior line is designed to prevent solids discharge from septic tanks, grease traps, or wastewater treatment processes.

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Effluent Filtration
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Our aquaculture products are ideal for use in global farming of finfish and crustaceans such as shrimp.

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Engineers, microbiologists & technicians creating eco-friendly products & solutions for waste degradation, odor control & water clarity using sustainable technologies

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Who We Are

Since 1983, REX-BAC-T® Technologies has been providing state-of-the art microbial biotechnology products, equipment, systems, and solutions for global industries that include residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and municipal customers. We specialize in the design, formulation and application of a comprehensive line of biological products including powders, liquids, solids and equipment utilizing 100% natural and environmentally safe biotechnology innovations to accelerate the complete digestion of complex organics. Learn More...

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What We Do

Microbes, enzymes, innovation and engineered solutions are the platform of our product lines. We have the technological capabilities to research and develop the most comprehensive and cost-effective products and solutions for waste degradation, aquaculture and aquaponics, agriculture, odor control, effluent filtration, wastewater treatment and bioremediation. Our biological solutions and equipment are facilitating the general trend toward “green chemistry” or “natural solutions” for bioactive waste degradation. Learn more…

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Customers We Serve

REX-BAC-T® Technologies works to deliver high quality products, solutions, engineering , technical support to a broad mix of customers in the Private, Public, Government and Consumer Markets. In doing so, we have expanded our customer base into multiple market segments both domestically and worldwide. We are committed to providing the best products and service in each of these strategic markets. By purchasing or partnering with us, our superior technical and sales staff will work hard to meet or exceed your expectations. Learn more…

Our extensive product lines focus on.....



Microbes fall into very large groups that have very diverse functions and classifications. We select and culture only those strains that are non-pathogenic, are superior for their waste digestion capabilities and are able of generating large volumes of enzymes. For each of our microbial products we select the best microbe strains for each application and blend them together with micro and macronutrients to make superior concentrates and ready-to-use treatment products for a variety of waste treatment applications.


Septic Systems & Grease Traps

All on-site or decentralized wastewater treatment systems, typically referred to as septic tanks, grease traps, or cesspools, use microbes for bacterial digestion to remove organic waste from the wastewater. Because microbes do the heavy lifting in residential or commercial on-site or subsurface systems, selective microbe species are particularly important in maintaining these systems.


Aquaculture & Aquatic

Microbial ecology, via the addition of “ beneficial microorganisms” is the best solution to achieving high survival rates and keeping fish and shrimp species healthy during their growth cycle.



Microbiology is the study of a hidden world of microscopic organisms that include bacteria and fungi. We study and research groups of selective microorganisms and their enzymatic properties to determine what species are superior for applications in the industries we serve and to help shape and influence a sustainable environment for the future.


Custom Solutions

REX-BAC-T® Technologies offers custom formulations, custom manufacturing and custom packaging. To provide added value to our customers our technical staff can work with you to develop custom formulations for nearly any waste treatment application. If you already have existing products, we can match, improve, or reformulate these products to meet your needs or your customers’ requirements.



Our engineering staff has decades of experience providing innovative and cost-effective solutions using proven and emerging technologies to solve our customers’ daily challenges. This unique combination of expertise in the biosciences, microbiology and engineering allow us provide unparalleled support to bring you or your business the best solution for your application or process.


Wastewater Treatment

Effective and sustainable water and wastewater treatment are crucial for our expanding urban populations. Wastewater processes and their complexities are ever increasing throughout our cities and communities. These industries and operators are tasked with finding and improving operational efficiencies and we can help. Using one or several of our wastewater treatment technologies we can positively impact these processes and improve the overall wastewater quality.


Odor Control

Odor control technologies have become a primary design consideration in wastewater treatment, manufacturing, oil and gas, and commercial businesses and commercial buildings as these industries encroach closer to urban areas. If you need off the shelf or custom odor control solutions please contact us and one of our engineers will work with you to provide the best available technologies to solve your odor control problems.


Other Industries

Building from our foundation REX-BAC-T® Technologies is able to offer our customers turnkey products, equipment, and engineered solutions that complement our core product lines. These synergistic product lines include liquid and gas phase carbon filtration, aeration systems, effluent filtration, programmable metering systems and many others so that we can serve our customers needs from top to bottom.


What Our Clients Say About Our Products

REX-BAC-T® was the key! "Job Well Done!" That's what my customer said to me, after rejuvenating his 1200 gallon cesspool. I want to thank REX-BAC- T ® Technologies for their assistance and guidance in my endeavors in helping my client bring his failed cesspool back to life. My initial observation showed the cesspool approximately 2 feet from overflowing out of the 4" stand-pipe rising from the cesspool well. I had my septic pumper remove 1,000 gallons from the cesspool to initially to relieve my customers system to allow for the continued usage of their septic system. Subsequently, I applied the Ultimate Septic System 'Shock' Treatment to the cesspool and 3 toilets, that same Friday morning...Read More

Cultech Water Treatment Systems

Bermuda Dunes, CA

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how incredibly pleased I am with your product. We built a new house and moved in on April 01. We started having septic issues 2 months after moving in, which was something that we were not happy about. For some reason, the solids were moving to the liquid take and clogging up the filter that allows liquids out to the weeping bed. We had our contractor come to our house several times, along with our plumber and the manufacturer of the septic tank system. They all had varying opinions on what was causing the problem, but no-one seemed to be able to help us...Read More


Ontario, Canada

I want to express my satisfaction with the RootX Tree Root Killer and Bio-D Drain Cleaner products. Five years ago, small tree roots caused my sewer line to clog. I had a plumber snake the line. After that, I began to use RootX once per year to keep the sewer line clear of tree roots. I have had no new problems. More recently, I tried Bio-D drain cleaner to fix a slow draining sink. It worked quickly to eliminate the clog. I now use Bio-D regularly to keep my drains clear. For the majority of my life, I have searched for environmentally friendly products to use in my home and business. Unfortunately, many of those products did not work as well as those with the less safe chemicals. It is great to have products, like RootX and Bio-D that work well and are safe for the planet.


Pittsburgh, PA

I have tried several products in order to eliminate or decrease the clogging of my Grease Trap and sewer line. NONE WORKED, PERIOD. Then I tried your BIO-G grease trap treatment and........"IT WORKS". GREAT PRODUCT. I understand the basic principal of how it works, but not completely. All I know for sure is, "IT DOES WHAT YOU SAY IT WILL DO". Thanks for a great product, it's an easy solution to my grease trap and sewer line problems. The BIO-PUMP never forgets to give the correct dose to the system, sometimes before closing my restaurant I would forget to apply the BIO-G. With the pump I no longer have to remember, thanks for one less thing to worry about. You have a great product, keep up the good work. Thank You.

E.H., G P Hicks Inc.

Metairie, LA

I had just built a new house and the septic system was new. Sitting on the patio wasn't very pleasant at all. The wind would change and we would get a terrible septic smell that made it hard to enjoy the outdoor views. Of course my wife was reluctant to have guests over as the smell was very noticeable and embarrassing. I installed three Odor Control Carbon Vent Filters on the three roof vents and the smell instantly went away. My wife was happy and we were able to enjoy the patio with friends without that terrible smell. It has been about five years and everything is working great. I certainly recommend these vent filters to anyone with a septic odor problem.

Matthew E.

Roosevelt, AZ

We have a customer who is trying to reduce their BOD levels in their grease traps. Originally, their level was at 5,000. We started treating them with your Bio-G2 (20x) concentrate and they were able to reduce the level to 1,000. We have 3 systems installed currently and are treating a 1,500 gallon grease interceptors.


Honolulu, Hawaii

We have ordered our third drum of EP-301. The SAGE (Société d'aménagement et de gestion environnementale) of 31 Mile Lake in Quebec, Canada, has installed 27 individual camping sites, each with a picnic table, a fire pit and a dry toilet. Our marine patrol meets with campers to sensitize them to the importance of respecting the environment. They also maintain the sites and use your product in the toilets, about once every few weeks. The result is amazingly positive: no bad odors, and a much faster composting of solid waste! Everyone having similar toilets should use this product. Thanks for developing it and making it available internationally!

Theo G., Vice-President of the SAGE


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