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Our packing peanuts and packaging materials are made from renewable resources!
We hope that you like the changes and enjoy our fresh new look and feel.
Our NEW RootX Funnel Jars are now available. The new packaging includes a permanent vertical plastic divider. This integrated plastic divider keeps the root killing ingredient and the foaming agent completely separated until you are ready to use.
Our new 6" Poly-Air Odor Control Vent Stack Filter (PCF-PLVF-6) is designed to fit a 6" diameter vent pipe and can be adapted using an optional 4" adapter.
Our new complete line septic, grease trap and wastewater effluent filters are designed to prevent solids discharge from septic tanks, grease traps, and wastewater treatment processes.
Our new ecoPur multi-function hard surface cleaner is a 100% biodegradable cleaner, making it environmentally responsible and safe to use on most bathroom surfaces.
We will be launching several new products and technical information to serve our valued customers with specific solutions to queries and requests.