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SimTech Effluent Filters

Sim/Tech septic tank effluent filters are designed to prevent solids discharge from on-site septic systems. These effluent filters provide a relatively inexpensive method for collecting solids that may otherwise be discharged from the holding tank or waste water system. Whatever the application, we have a filter that will meet your wastewater filtration needs.


Sim/Tech Filter provides high quality filtration products that protect onsite treatment systems making them more efficient and easier to maintain. Sim/Tech has been focused on delivering innovative products and solutions to the precast, drainage and onsite water industries.

Septic Tank Effluent Filters

The Sim-Tech STF-110 series passive effluent filters provide the last line of defense for the distribution field, leach field or drain field in septic systems. For larger volume systems, multiple filters can be used. Maintenance on these septic effluent filters are a five minute job, simply remove rinse and replace. If you are not into cleaning, then these filters are economical enough to be replaced at each maintenance interval.

Versatile Design

Sim/Tech effluent filters provide superior filtration and are designed to filter the most common solids found in today’s on-site wastewater systems. The versatile filter is designed for residential, commercial and industrial systems. STF-110 effluent filters are capable of fitting in 4”, 6”, 7” and 8” tees or housings including square concrete baffles.

The STF-110 series effluent filters use triangular polypropylene bristles wound together with a 316 stainless-steel core. This flexible design makes it very simple to install and service on systems with limited access. The filters employ a debris separation space that naturally sorts the solids according to their size and mass. This makes the STF-110 filter even more efficient and greatly increase the life span.

Why Septic Effluent Filters are Important

A typical septic tank is a watertight underground box traditionally made of concrete. Wastewater flows into the tank where the heavy solids settle to the bottom and greases fats and oils float to the top. Between these layers is called the clarified layer or clear water.

Septic tanks are designed to retain the solids that accumulate over time. Some of these solids in the clarified layer can bypass to the leach field lines, especially if the septic tank is a single compartment with no internal baffle. Septic tank effluent filters are mounted on the septic tanks outlet and provide an inexpensive method to prevent solids discharge and protect the entire septic system, including the leach field or drain field system. The bottom line is effluent filters provide a simple and cost effective way to keep your septic system working properly.