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Industrial Septic Tank Treatment | BP-310 – 10 Billion CFU/g

Have a slow or sluggish septic system or leachfield? This super concentrated septic tank treatment is ideal for restoring septic systems and leachfields to their designed capacity. Our concentrated 310 Series product contains 10 billion CFU's/g and 100% soluble. For use in leachfields, septic tanks, cesspools and greywater systems.

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This treatment provides easy storage and portion control for easy application. The water-soluble packets dissolve quickly and help avoid the complications of mixing and measuring.

We guarantee that we manufacture our septic treatment products to meet or exceed specifications. Other companies may claim bacteria counts, but we certify that our products meet our specifications.

To further improve results use BP-310 along with our OxyCal Treatment. OxyCal is an environmentally safe product. The combination of these two treatments will speed the digestion of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in leach fields or cesspools. 


  • Cost-Effective 
  • Contains both aerobic and faculative bacteria
  • Attacks, liquefies and removes clogs to restore drainage 
  • Smooths operations of septic systems, drainfields and leach beds

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