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Biological Activator + Odor Control | PurGreen™ Bio-XL

Our new PurGreen™ Bio-XL biological activator is a revolutionary new concentrated formulation of natural Botanical plant extracts, odor control constituents, and surface tension modifying agents that catalyze (speed-up) biological activity.

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This synergistic combination of natural extracts and natural surfactants have the ability to change the surface tension of hydrophobic compounds (compounds that do not easily dissolve in water), mix uniformly with aqueous solutions, increase the permeability is of clay soils, and prevent the conversion of nitrogen intermediates to urea and ammonia.

PurGreen™ Bio-XL is a nutrient and botanical formula that provides key nutrients, vitamins, and penetrants that inhibit the formation of odors and provide a catalyst to encourage natural biological activity. Because Bio-XL contains natural surfactants, the cell wall of the anaerobic bacteria is modified to slow reproduction.

PurGreen™ Bio-XL Use In Septic Systems

The BioMat is a thin black film that forms along the bottom and sidewalls of the drain field trench. The appearance is black and slimy with occasional gray layers. As the BioMat forms around the perforated leach field drain pipes or infiltrator devices, the soil percolation rate decreases.

Some biological activity is required in the leach field to finalize the process treatment of the effluent. Once the hydraulic loading rate exceeds the soil percolation rate, break-outs occur or septic system back-ups into the home will persist. Implementing a treatment program with our PurGreen™ BIO-XL penetrates and increases surface area and microbial activity in leachfields with biomat build-up.

In septic systems we recommend the use of our septic system treatment products in combination with Bio-XL, including our septic Bio-Paks, Economy Paks, BP-500 and BioMat-X.

PurGreen™ Bio-XL enhances the relationships between the symbiotic natural microorganisms and special microorganisms administered through bioaugmentation. When Bio-XL™ is introduced and combined with our bio-blend formulas, conditions are optimized for rapid microbe reproduction, odor reduction and increased liquefaction.

PurGreen™ Bio-XL Use In Grease Traps

The grease trap is designed to retain the fats oils and grease (FOG) in the interceptor by allowing adequate time the FOG’s to float due to differences in specific gravity.  Because the fats an oils are lighter than water the floating material (grease cap) putrefies caused by the anaerobic layers. Bio-XL breaks up the grease cap, promotes aerobic activity, blocks ammonia production, and reduces odor. The botanical extracts promote the biostimulation process that will catalyze the digestion of proteins and fats, oils and grease (FOGs) found in grease traps.

In grease traps we recommend the use of our grease trap treatment products in combination with Bio-XL.  Acceptable grease trap products include our Bio-G2 Concentrates, Bio-G Max Liquids, Bio-G Liquids, SD-300 Bacteria Blocks, and our 1207 Series Powders.

PurGreen™ Bio-XL Use In Wastewater Processes

The Bio-XL formulation blocks production of unwanted anaerobic byproducts and promotes the growth of the aerobic bacteria which are more effective in reducing BOD and noxious gaseous byproducts.

PurGreen™ Bio-XL Use In Composting

Bio-XL is effective at controlling odors associated with waste decomposition including grass, landscaping waste and waste by-products associated with food processing.  Initial application should be made to the new materials entering the composing process to prevent odors.  A second application may be required once the compost pile is initially turned.  This will prevent the build-up of anaerobic bacteria within the compost heap.

PurGreen™ Bio-XL Applications & Uses

  • Septic Tanks
  • Rendering and Food Processing
  • Septic Leach Fields
  • Composting
  • Grease Traps
  • Anaerobic Digesters
  • Sewer Lift Stations
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment
  • Wet Wells
  • Aeration Chambers
  • Ponds, Lagoons, Aquaculture
  • Municipal Waste Water Treatment

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