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Pond Sludge Reduction | Pond Water Clarity - BP-1502

Pre-Measured and Pre-Packaged in our Water-Soluble Bio-Packets. REX-BAC-T BP-1502 is an advanced biological formulation that is highly effective in reducing BOD, COD and TSS in ponds, lagoons, waste water treatment plants and many other applications.

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*4oz, 8oz, 16oz Water-Soluble Packets are also Available
Minimum 250# - Contact Us to Order



Water clarity can be compromised by excess BOD, COD, TSS and nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. A decrease in water clarity and water quality can reduce the overall health of the aquatic environment. This poses threats to other organisms in the water like fish, plants and other aquatic life.

Our advanced biological 1502 powder formulation uses bioaugmentation, a non-chemical and natural method to reduce the organic levels that threaten good water quality. Our non-chemical, natural, application-specific microbes that are introduced ingest carbon, phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen at an accelerated rate, which limits the organic loading available and improves water quality. This control by competitive inhibition increases water clarity, reduces sludge and promotes overall better health for the aquatic environment.

Use of our 1502 series product also aids treatment plants in meeting effluent regulations with decreased use of aerators. While proper aeration is important to enhance the effectiveness and longevity of microbial bioaugmentation and nutrient deactivation applications, treatment plants will learn that the decreased use of aerators will save on energy costs.

Applications and Uses:

  • Waste Water Plants
  • Lagoons
  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Others

Effective Against:

  • BOD, COD
  • Sludge Volume
  • Decaying Plant Material
  • Water Clarity
  • Odor Reduction
  • Suspended Solids
  • Others


25, 50, & 100 lb. Containers (larger containers may also available upon request)

4oz, 8oz, and 16oz water-soluble packets are available - Minimum 250#


  • Bacteria Count: 5+ Billion cfu/gram

Technical Specs