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Septic System FAQ's


  • REX-BAC-T® is a highly concentrated kitchen grease and solid waste digestant.
  • REX-BAC-T® septic treatment products contain from 1 Billion to 10 Billion CFU/g of facultative bacteria cultures. These microbes (and enzymes in some products) act as biological catalysts to convert millions of molecules a second from one form to another without changing the enzyme characteristic.
  • REX-BAC-T® dry or liquid bacteria/enzyme cultures synergistic combinations are facultative (works aerobic with oxygen and anaerobic without oxygen) to accelerate digestion of food and the human waste by-products while suppressing odors. Reason: Bacillus strains as well as other selective microbes are non-sulfur reducing which is the primary source of odor in the septic tank.
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Why enzymes?

  • Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that catalyze (speed up) biochemical reactions.
  • There are three major categories of enzymes. Metabolic, digestive and food enzymes are a part of every living organism. They orchestrate and facilitate body functions. Many bacteria are prisoners of chance. They are not motile requiring food to come to them. Breaking down and liquefying the food source ensures a feast not famine. Bacteria metabolize (eat) the septic waste digesting organic material that has been broken into smaller pieces by enzymes to produce water and carbon dioxide.
  • REX-BAC-T® contains active cellulase, enzymes to breakdown the paper, plant fiber by-products.
  • REX-BAC-T® contains lipase to breakdown fat and grease.
  • REX-BAC-T® contains amylase enzymes to breakdown carbohydrates and starches.
  • REX-BAC-T® breaks down proteins.
  • REX-BAC-T® contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids to jump-start and optimize the digestion process when placed in water.
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If there are natural bacteria present in the septic tank, why is REX-BAC-T® needed in a septic system?

Nature has provided us with a vast diversity of bacterial organisms. Unfortunately, not all bacterial species possess the ability to rapidly digest organic waste and its by-products. Other natural bacteria species utilizes this food and produce foul, unpleasant odors. Lastly, some species of natural bacteria can cause serious illnesses in humans. Licensed septic tank pumpers must treat the waste with harsh chemicals to kill all cultures prior to disposal.

The bacteria used in REX-BAC-T® septic digestants have been carefully selected for the unique ability to digest waste in a safe and odorless manner and are 100% salmonella free.

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How does REX-BAC-T® eliminate or reduce odors in septic systems or other waste treatment applications?

Odor is a combination of differing chemicals. As bacteria digests (eats) organic waste, they remove the energy from these complex compounds while producing simple gases and water. The result of some bacterial digestion is such foul smelling gases as ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide (odor of rotting eggs). They steal electrons from sulfur compounds reducing them including hydrogen sulfide (poisonous and rotten egg smell). The bacillus bacterial species in REX-BAC-T® digestant takes organic waste and produces carbon dioxide (an odorless gas) and water. REX-BAC-T® is certified non-sulfur reducing.

As the population of REX-BAC-T® microbes increase, they “take over” the digestion process suppressing other bacteria cultures.

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How does REX-BAC-T® reduce grease?

Accumulated animal fats and grease is an ideal food source for the REX-BAC-T® bacterial digestant. Our products break down and "eat" fats, oils, and grease (FOG) to produce carbon dioxide, water and most importantly, more bacteria. Every 20 seconds, the bacteria population doubles provided the food, water and correct temperature are present.

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Does REX-BAC-T® reduce scum and sludge build-up?

Scum and sludge provides an energy-rich food source for REX-BAC-T® eco-friendly bacteria. As the food and waste byproducts are digested, you will find the working system volume will approach the design and flow capacity you had when it was first installed.

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When and how is REX-BAC-T® added to the septic or grease treatment system?

Add bacterial digestant at periods of lowest waste flowrate. At bedtime, or when leaving for work, is normally the ideal time for the addition of REX-BAC-T® to your septic tank or waste holding system. Add the pre-measured septic Bio-Paks or measured dose in our septic Economy Paks as described on the label. This minimizes washing bacteria out of tank. Other product options are available in multiple concentrations and packaging. For a full septic product listing CLICK HERE.

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Why are maintenance doses required? Doesn’t natural reproduction of the bacteria take care of it?

The key to bacterial digestion of waste is a large healthy population. The higher the number of “good” bacteria present, the faster organic materials are broken down into the non-toxic molecules of carbon dioxide and water. By increasing the number of “good” bacteria, REX-BAC-T® ensures that the desired goal is met. Regular use will establish thriving colonies of healthy “good” bacteria to provide continuous uninterrupted digestion. Over time, bacteria are removed by water flow into the leach field. The use of strong detergents and disinfectants kills all bacteria upon contact. In addition, other natural bacteria will attempt to invade and establish themselves in the system.

As the population of REX-BAC-T® increases, it “takes over” suppressing other bacteria cultures.

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What are the contents of REX-BAC-T®?

REX-BAC-T®septic products are contain bacillus strains as well as other selective proprietary bacteria, enzymes and nutrients. REX-BAC-T® digestant uses only 100% gram-positive cultured bacteria that produce water and carbon dioxide and the intermediate products of bacterial digestion from proteins, starches and fats. These powerful microbes are unique for their ability to try to use as much of the organic waste as possible for growth and replication to maintain the colonies. Enzymes and nutrients break down the food source making it easy to digest.

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Is REX-BAC-T® safe? Are there any special handling or storage problems?

REX-BAC-T® bacteria cultures are grown in a state of the art fermenter. Each batch is carefully screened to remove the chance contamination by pathogenic (harmful) bacteria. REX-BAC-T® is authorized for use in federally inspected facilities and meet Federal Specification P-C-4400. The culture is shipped as a dry powder, in a stable “spore form” for easy and safe handling.

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Are REX-BAC-T® products used in municipal wastewater treatment?

REX-BAC-T® Technologies has a full product line for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. The same types selective bacteria are utilized in these process but the formulations are a little different. We formulate each product for their waste characteristics. This is more economical for the end user. Our product lines are regularly used by waste treatment facilities to solve their problems with fats, oil, and grease (FOG), BOD, COD, TSS. In addition, this same species of bacteria has gained acceptance in controlling a variety of waste problems varying from agriculture waste to industrial waste and the growing fields of bioremediation and bioaugmentation. Please review the information on our Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Blends for more information.

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What about the hot water we use in the automatic dishwasher? Can it kill the bacteria?

Most live bacteria will be killed when exposed to temperatures above 140-150°F. REX-BAC-T® is added to drains in a dormant “spore” form. These spores can tolerate temperatures up to 160°F without experiencing any loss in grease digesting ability. The mixed water temperature in the septic tank is much lower when combined with the dishwasher water. Extreme temperature above 120°F does affect some enzymes.

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What advantage does REX-BAC-T® offer over other methods of taking care of my sewer lines, grease trap and septic tank?

Slow moving drains and clogged grease traps extract a tremendous toll on all normal operations.

This REX-BAC-T® digestant is the latest breakthrough in biotechnological research. The development of a unique stabilization system allows the first combination of waste-digesting microorganisms and potent enzymes in a convenient form. This unique formula prevents drain and grease trap blockage by continuously liquefying and degrading a wide range of organic matter. Carefully selected microbes digest organic matter, converting it to harmless water and carbon dioxide. Enzymes, natural chemical accelerators, begin to break up large fat droplets on contact to speed up the digestion process. REX-BAC-T® digestant utilizes both microbes and enzymes to create a drain care product that may eliminate your septic tank problems permanently.

No claims are made on paraffin organics (like crude oil spills or motor oils), as they should NEVER be flushed into a septic tank.

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Will tree roots harm the septic tank or septic leach field?

Tree roots can invade your septic tank or septic leach field. If you have a large or dense tree growth near your septic system you may consider starting aa maintenance program to prevent tree root intrusion in your septic tank or leach field. When undigested grease and scum carry over out of the tank, the tree roots can restrict flow or become a blocking agent in the leach field resulting in poor distribution and drainage. If you believe you have tree roots in your septic system leach field or septic tank you can treat with our RootX Foaming Tree Root Killer. This product is safe for septic systems and should be done on a yearly basis to prevent tree root re-growth. If you are treating leach fields we recommend that RootX tree root killer be applied directly to the leach field lines.

Grease, scum and biomat buildup in the septic leach field is the primary cause of leach bed failure and tree roots can restrict flow and percolation. Using REX-BAC-T® septic system products will prevent the biomat buildup but will not effect tree root intrusion.

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