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BP-500 – 5 Billion CFU/g

Simply grab and dilution, measuring, mixing, special equipment or cleanup!

Our unique water-soluble BP-500 septic system treatment paks are packaged for easy storage and handling and portion controlled for simplified application.  Each 2 ounce packet contains 5.1 billion bacteria per gram (300 billion per packet) that are scientifically selected for rapidly digesting organic waste and build up in septic tanks, cesspools and leach fields.

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Regular use of our BP-500 packets will establish thriving colonies of our non-pathogenic, waste-digesting bacteria, to provide uninterrupted cleaning action in drains, plumbing lines, septic systems, greywater systems, cesspools and other on-site wastewater treatment systems. This continuous digestion prevents accumulation of sludge, scum, grease and all other organic solids.

Our 100% naturally occurring bacteria are superior species that greatly outperform the coli form bacteria normally present in septic systems.  Monthly applications of our concentrated BP-500 septic paks are a convenient way to re-charge and protect your septic system from failure and ensure that your septic system will continue to operate trouble free for years.

  • The way you treat your septic system will have a significant impact on how long your system leach field will last!
  • Prevention is prudent and cheap!
  • Replacement or repair can be costly
  • The proper operation of your septic system is essential to your health of the environment


  • Choose a Supply that fits your Budget !
  • Attack, liquefy and remove grease, fat and oil faster for improved drainage and smooth operations of drainfields and leach beds
  • Contains both aerobic (live in the presence of oxygen) and facultative (can live with or without oxygen) bacteria
  • Contains essential nutrients to enhance bacterial growth
  • Free Shipping on orders over $100 !

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