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Industrial Septic Tank Treatment | EP-310 – 10 Billion CFU/g


Our new EP-310 Series Industrial Strength Septic Product is absolutely the most cost-effective concentrated dry blend septic tank treatment product on the market today. With more than 10 Billion bacteria per gram our EP-310 Series restores clogged septic systems and leachfields. No other product compares! Our EP-310 series product is also available in Pre-Measured Water-Soluble Packets.

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We guarantee that we manufacture our septic treatment products to meet or exceed their bacteria count specification. Other companies may claim “Highest” bacteria counts, but we certify that our products to meet or exceed what we advertise!

If you are experiencing problems with your septic system, drainfield, or cesspool try the most cost-effective, concentrated powder blend septic product available on the market, our EP-310 Series Concentrated Septic and Drainfield Cleaner. Each pound of EP-310 contains 4,540,000,000,000 (4.54E12) or four trillion, five hundred and forty billion specifically selected bacteria for septic, cesspool, and drainfield applications.

Our EP-310 Series can be used for maintenance dosing but it is also acceptable to use either our convenient prepackaged water-soluble Bio-Paks or Economy Paks for monthly maintenance treatments.

Using our OxyCal – Oxygen Generating Compound in combination with our EP-310 series product further enhances aerobic degradation of contaminants by increasing the oxygen availability. OxyCal is an environmentally safe product provides a slow release of oxygen via the reaction of the active agents and water. By adding our OxyCal oxygenating compound to your laterals a time released reaction provides additional benefits to aid in restoring percolation to the leach field and soil bed. This combination will act to speed the digestion of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in the leach field or cesspool environment.

Our industrial strength EP-310 series septic treatment product quickly and aggressively digests the biomat buildup in your septic system, cesspool and leachfield. EP-310 series product quickly breaks down organic buildup including fats, oils, and grease (FOG), proteins, starches, carbohydrates, and cellulose – to provide the fastest action available in a dry blend digestant today.

Our new generation blend of free enzymes and bacteria cultures is a safe, easy and cost-effective method to digests all organic waste and malodors, making it the best treatment for clogged or failing septic systems, leach fields or cesspools.

Please review information on our BioMat-X Ultimate Septic and Leachfield Treatment if you are interested in a highly concentrated liquid septic treatment product.


  • Most Cost-Effective Concentrated Dry Blend Septic Product Available on the Market Today! No other product compares!
  • Attack, liquefy and remove biomat layer, grease, fat and oil faster to restore drainage and smooth operations of septic systems, drainfields and leach beds
  • Contains both aerobic (live in the presence of oxygen) and faculative (can live with or without oxygen) bacteria
  • Contains essential nutrients to enhance bacterial growth
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