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Septic System Treatment: L-300 - Liquid Septic Treatment

With more than 375 Billion Bacteria / Gallon our L-300 liquid digestant combines the potent waste-digesting properties of natural enzymes and special multi-cultured strains of natural bacteria. These anaerobic and aerobic bacteria are combined with FREE ENZYMES using a patented stabilization process.

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These enzymes work synergistically with the natural bacteria to quickly break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats - to provide the fastest action available in a liquid digestant.

Our new generation blend of free enzymes and bacteria cultures is safe and easy to use, digests all organic waste and malodors, making it the best treatment for septic systems, leach fields, cesspools, sinks and floor drains.

Available in multiple packaging sizes: 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums.


  • Attack, liquefy and remove grease, fat and oil faster for improved drainage and smooth operations of drainfields and leach beds
  • Contains both aerobic (live in the presence of oxygen) and faculative (can live with or without oxygen) bacteria
  • Contains essential nutrients to enhance bacterial growth
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