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Bio-G MAX - Concentrated (10x) Liquid Grease Trap Treatment

Grease Trap Treatment - Concentrated Grease Trap Treatment Products

With nearly 4 Trillion Bacteria per Gallon, our BIO-G MAX concentrated Grease Trap Treatment is specially formulated for direct addition to Grease Traps and Drains in restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings.

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Our concentrated formulation provides significant cost savings, when larger volumes of product are required, compared to our Bio-G. Simply mix 1/2 gallon of BIO-G MAX with 4 1/2 gallons of water to make 5 gallons Grease Trap Treatment (equivalent to 5 gallons of our Bio-G).

The continuous use of BIO-G MAX Concentrated Grease Trap Cleaner drastically reduces plumbing maintenance costs and reduces pump-out frequency, making it the ideal grease trap treatment. BIO-G MAX utilizes the latest biological technology to keep grease traps and drain lines free from clogs and foul odors. The facultative bacteria offer greater continuous digestion while its spore-form allows it to resist chlorine, disinfectants and high water temperatures.

Bio-G Grease Treatment

Our BIO-G MAX also contains powerful special enzymes that immediately break down starch and complex carbohydrates to energize the bacterial replication of our five distinct bacterial strains. Unlike detergents that simply push grease into sewer lines, these bacterial strains work together to QUICKLY and NATURALLY degrade organic waste. This process not only eliminates greasy accumulations, but also helps eliminate obnoxious odors at the molecular level while a pleasant fragrance keeps traps and plumbing lines smelling fresh.

To provide worry free application and accurate dosing of your grease trap system consider purchasing our flexible Bio-Pump pail pump or Wall Mount Dosing Pumps that accurately doses Grease Trap Systems at the appropriate times. An easily custom programmed timer turns the pump on and off as required.


  • Extends the time between grease trap pump-outs, significantly lowering your grease disposal costs!
  • Eliminates obnoxious odors and replaces them with a fresh pleasant fragrance
  • Bacteria eliminate the source of malodors by breaking down and digesting organic waste
  • Special enzymes rapidly break down starch and complex carbohydrates
  • Safe for the Environment!
  • Special composition of bacteria resists chlorine, disinfectants and high water temperatures
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