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Buyers Beware

Do not be misled by other brands offering the “strongest” septic tank treatment products. We do not think they are! Some companies have recently started claiming “higher bacteria count” septic products ranging from 4 to 5 billion bacteria / gram. We have been offering products with concentrations greater than 5 billion/gram for years. Our 310 Series (BP-310 or EP-310) products contain 10 billion bacteria per gram. We guarantee it by testing each lot of product. If you are interested in a high concentrate liquid please review our BioMat-X - Ultimate Septic, Cesspool and Leach Field Cleaner that contains more than 15 Trillion Bacteria per Gallon.

Truth is in the details! In many cases with these “higher” count products the “recommended dose” is significantly smaller ranging from ½ ounce (1/32 of a pound) to 2 ounces (1/8 of a pound). With our standard septic maintenance products, Bio-Paks or Economy Paks, we have always offered consumers the optimum ¼ pound (4 ounce) dose. This is 8x as much by weight as a ½ ounce dose and twice as much as a 2 ounce dose by weight. Taking a closer look at the numbers; a 5 billion/gram product in a 2 ounce dose is still significantly less concentrated than our standard septic tank maintenance product - Bio-Paks or Economy Paks - because other brands offer ½ less product by weight. With our septic maintenance Economy Packs or Bio-Packs are ultimately providing the equivalent to 6 billion bacteria per gram in our ¼ pound dose. Our dosing and formulations are not arbitrary; there is a science behind the numbers. If you are interested in our high bacteria count products please review our site or contact us for more information. We formulate and stock a standard blends up to 10 billion/gram and we have the capabilities to manufacture even higher count products - in excess of 40 billion CFU/g.