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Lift Station Block | Hydrocarbon Bacteria Block | SDH-300 - Sump / Lift Station Treatment Block

Hydrocarbon Bacteria Block | Lift Stations, Sumps, Pits, Lagoons, Holding Tanks

Our SDH-300 Bacteria Blocks are a slow dissolving bacteria laden solid formulation for use in degrading grease and hydrocarbons in sumps, pits, and wastewater treatment processes. This new – improved block is specifically formulated for use in sumps and waste process containing hydrocarbon sources. The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high concentrations for the ability to handle difficult organic problems. This unique solid will gradually dissolve over a 35-120 day period, which allows for continuous treatment and degradation of waste. As an additional benefit the SDH-300 blocks will naturally reduce odors.

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*5 LB, 10 LB and 30 LB Blocks are also Available
Minimum 200 LBS - Contact Us to Order



Each SDH-300 Bacteria Block is packaged in a mesh sack allowing it to be suspended from a rope into the treatment area. Slow release formulation disperses as product dissolves in wastewater, sump, lift station or pit. Includes micronutrients, macronutrients, and biological enhancers.

General Dosing Instructions

Simply suspend the block into the treatment area, lift station, sump or other process allowing the block to be placed just away from the higher flow areas. The block will dissolve over a 30-120 day period as the waste water flow washes over it. Higher flows will result in faster degradation of the block.

Sump/Tank CapacityBlock Size
1,000 Gallons 2 LB
5,000 Gallons 5 LB
10,000 Gallons 10 LB
Over 10,000 Gallons Graduated Multiples

Wastewater and Effluent Handling Facilities:

Position block(s) just outside the flow area.

Lift Stations:

Ensure that the block remains submerged even when wastewater is pumped to the lowest float level

  1. When locating the block in the sump, DO NOT place block directly into the flow of incoming waste. The turbulance and “washing effect” will greatly reduce the longevity of this product. Ideally, the block should be placed in a less turbulant area of the sump, but not in a dead spot.
  2. If a grease shelf is present during placement of block, it is recommended to raise the high level flow so that the bacteria can attack the grease shelf from the top, bottom and sides.
  3. Results should be obtained in four to eight weeks from the time of application. If grease shelves are present at the time of application, a longer period of time may be required to obtain results.

Uses and Applications

  • Sumps
  • Lift Stations
  • WWT
  • Holding Tanks
  • Grease Applications
  • Lagoons

Technical Specs