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How Much RootX to Purchase

Foaming Drain Cleaner for Sewer Pipes, Drainage Pipes, Storm Drains, Septic Tanks or Leach Field Pipes

(In pipes, RootX dosage is determined by the diameter and total length of the pipe to be treated)

RootX foaming root killer is a great product to kill tree roots in sewer pipes, drainage pipes, septic systems and storm drains. We have put together a general guide for determining how much RootX is required based on the application. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on application rates.

Example of How Much to Use in Sewer or Drain Pipe:

You are applying RootX through a cleanout . The pipe diameter is 4 inches and you have 80 feet to the street where the sewer main connects. You will need 4 pounds of RootX.