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RootX Application Funnel

Treating for roots with RootX in sewer pipes, drain pipes, septic systems, leach fields…. just got a whole lot easier!  Same great root killing product, just better packaging! With the NEW RootX Funnel Jars, you can mix and apply our RootX root killer right from the container, right where the root problem is.

RootX Funnel Jar – General Instructions

Our NEW RootX Funnel Jars are now available for ordering.  The new packaging includes a permanent vertical plastic divider.  This integrated plastic divider keeps the root killing herbicide and the foaming agent completely separated until you are ready to use.  In addition, the new jars are square.  This shape greatly increases the structural integrity and strength of the product packaging.  We will also be offering the application funnel with the purchase of the product.  This reusable funnel includes a cap and easily screws on the top of the square jar providing for an easy mixing and mess free application process.

We continuously work to improve products and packaging based on customer feedback.  The new square jar packaging with the integrated divider greatly increases the shelf life of the product. Shelf life is now several years since the two components remain completely separate during shipment and storage. In addition, the new packaging incorporates a threaded lid making it easy to attach the funnel adapter to the jar for no mess application.

RootX root killer is non-caustic and non-fumigating; it has no adverse effects on pipes. To make it easy, we’ve broken down the benefits to you and your home or business:

Advantages of New RootX Packaging:

  • Same great root killing product.  Ingredients have not changed, just packaging.
  • Faster root killing treatment process
  • Longer shelf life
  • Stronger Packaging
  • Permanent divider to keep root killing components separated until ready to use
  • Reusable application funnel
  • No Mess Application

RootX In Sewer Pipes:

  • More Environmentally Friendly alternative to other methods or other harsh chemicals
  • Does not harm above-ground vegetation
  • Prevents drain line blockage
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates tree root removal emergencies
  • Eliminates pipe replacements or expensive repairs
  • Safe for all plumbing

RootX Septic Systems and Leach Fields:

  • Improves drain field percolation
  • Extends the life of your drain lines and field
  • Enhances septic bacteria growth
  • Protects septic system from a tree root cap
  • Cost effective and easy to use

Did you know you can also treat corrugated drainage pipe with RootX root killer?  Corrugated drain pipe is used in residential or commercial applications to protect the foundation from water damage, keep your basement from flooding, drain muddy spots on your lawn, or divert water from your driveway or downspouts.